Safety Features

There is no question that all of us travel to Saudi Arabia to discover this uncharted and pristine region of the Red Sea. While taking in all the underwater excitement, we would like to enjoy our time in the country and among our travel mates on the boat in great company as well.

But still, many liveaboard operators do not emphasize one thing that is far the most important one - safety.

On this page we briefly introduce the safety infrastructure of M/Y Andromeda. You will get the chance to familiarise yourself with more details once onboard during the boat briefings.

There are two relevant factors in addition to the ones listed on this page - you, as a cooperating guest, and our crew with over 10 years of experience.

To have a safe trip, we need three things: cooperation from your side, safety infrastructure from the management of the boat, and last but not least, an experienced crew. We make sure that all of these factors are given for you to have a wonderful trip.

Life Jackets on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea

Life jackets

Every cabin has 2 life jackets. They can be used not only in an emergency but also in the zodiac before we go snorkeling.

Life Boats on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea

Life boats

Life boats are fixed on the side of the sun deck. As it is dropped onto the water, it automatically opens and is operational right away. Each life boat can accommodate up to 20 persons.

MRR System on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea


Two zodiacs are operated during the trips. In case of evacuation, the may play central role saving lives and minimizing damage.

First-Aid Kit on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea

First-aid Kit

The contents of the first-aid kit include all the necessary basic materials and medications that would aid you in the usual cases like getting injured and needing disinfectant and gauze or bandages.

Or for ailments like sea sickness, pain, or fever.

Emergency Oxygen Tanks on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea

Emergency Oxygen

There are 2x, 50l each emergency oxygen tanks onboard. They can be used for lighter decompression sicknesses, or by a diver just having some breathing difficulties.

Fire Extinguishers on M/Y Andromeda in Saudi Arabia Red Sea

Fire Extinguishers

M/Y Andromeda has 8 fire extinguishers onboard. In case of a fire, it is easy to find the closest one. It is always important to know where they are located.