Marinelife in Saudi Arabia - from the Miniatures to the Giants

It is really hard to decide which size of underwater creatures are the most attractive for divers. Some of us prefer the water world of miniatures since they are so colorful and peaceful. We need to get close to them and be part of their natural habitat to gain their trust and have the opportunity to enjoy their small details. Nudibranchs, seahorses, cone shells, puffer fish just to name a few.

Others prefer underwater animals that are larger in size as they are much easier to see. They are much more varied in size than other categories. Prominent representatives of our mid-sized favourites: Red lion fish, hawksbill seaturtle, blotched fantail ray, eagle ray, day octopus, picasso tiggerfish, napolean fish, stone fish.

There is no need to introduce the giants of the Red Sea. Mainly they are the main predators of the Red Sea. Their weight can exceed several hundreds of kilograms. Usually they are very fast and agile. Most divers love ttheir encounters with them. The adrenalin increases and we are happy to be able to get close to them. Some of our favorites are: whale shark, hammerhead shark, dolphin, giant moray, manta ray, dugong.

If you might think that the divers love only moving animals, you are wrong. Soft and hard corals and the wrecks are also some of the unique features of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

But let's finish talking. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The Miniatures

The Mid-sized

The Giants