Farasan Banks - the Unforgettable Destination

Farasan Banks is one of the most popular itineraries in Saudi Arabia. It is not without reason. During your trip you will experience a wild variety of reef formations. Not only their shapes vary but also the extensive variety of local species that call the reefs their home.

The Farasan Banks safari trips depart from Al-Lith and end in Al-Lith as well. You will travel over 300 km during the trip. There is no chance for daily boats to reach these outstanding dive sites.

We want you to discover the beauty of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea, so here is the list of all the dive sites we plan on showing you, some of them from a helicopter's view.

The following reefs and islands are planned for you to visit during the unforgettable trip:

  • Qadd Humans
  • Long South Reef
  • North Jadir
  • Dohra Nord
  • South Gorgorian Reef
  • South West Malathu
  • Shi'b Ammar
  • Choppy Reef
  • Danak Island North
  • North Muddar
  • Jabbarah Island
  • Shi'b As Saqah

Choppy Reef

Choppy Reef on Saudi Arabia Farasan Banks scuba diving safari trip

This reef is 60 kms from the coast and the reef site itself is isolated. It is an elongated extensive submerged site. There are two main plateaus linked through a beautiful wall between 25m and 45m. Swimming along the wall you can enjoy the impressive concentration of abundant black corals, colonial sponges, and sea squirts of all the colours of the rainbow.

There are several cracks on the wall with sandy bottom inside where you can see resting small reef sharks. Usually you will meet up with hawkfish as well. This is a memorable dive for those divers who like big pinnacles detached from the main wall.

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Danak Island North

Danak Island North on Saudi Arabia Farasan Banks scuba diving safari trip

The central part of the island is covered with dense vegetation where colonies of gannets find shelter that nest there during the winter, while specimens of pelicans are sighted along the shoreline. The sandy beach that surrounds the island is a destination for turtles that lay their eggs there in the sand.

There are several madreporic towers rich in coral fish and where small invertebrates thrive. No chance to miss the sea turtles, reef sharks, and trevelly fish.

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North Jaddir

North Jadir on Saudi Arabia Farasan Banks scuba diving safari trip

North Jadir is located approximately 2.5 hours from the port of Al Lith. It is small, flat, and sandy with a little vegetation in the central area. Much of it beaten by the turtles who use this land to lay their eggs.

You can enjoy the sight of several extraordinary hard coral formations. Close to the reef, the considerable presence of coral and sea floor fish can be observed. To make your diving more exciting, you can see large caves and a dense presence of anemones. All the corals are intact and thriving.

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South Gorgonian

South Gorgorian on Saudi Arabia Farasan Banks scuba diving safari trip

South Gorgonian Reef got its name from the high concentration of gorgonians that live here. It lies 60 kms from the coast.

South Gorgonian Reef is characterized by spectacular grape coral formations and very colorful madreporic towers. Consistent schools of fusiliers and reef fish are present everywhere, while a school of barracuda swims often above the plateau. During your dive you can get a chance to see specimens of grey sharks, and schools of jacks.

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