Our Passion: Exploring the Hidden Treasures of the Red Sea

For over a decade, we have been captivated by the enchanting world beneath the waves, indulging in our love affair with the ocean through the breathtaking sport of scuba diving. As enthusiasts, we have traversed numerous diving destinations, experiencing the beauty and majesty of the underwater realm.

However, amidst our adventures, one place continues to allure us with its mystique and untapped potential - the Red Sea, particularly along the enchanting coast of Saudi Arabia.

Our love for the Red Sea extends beyond the thrill of diving. We aim to foster a deep respect and understanding of this fragile ecosystem.

Through responsible diving practices, we advocate for the preservation and protection of these underwater treasures. We are dedicated to educating individuals on the importance of conservation, inspiring them to become the guardians of this enchanting realm for generations to come.

Are you ready to be captivated?

Our Team

Our headquarters are located in Egypt and control the operation in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. The European office manages the sales and administrative processes. When you contact our team, probably you will be talking with Anita or Eva.

The quality of service, which you will enjoy, mainly depends on our indispensable colleague, the head of operations Mohsen Salama with over 20 years of experience.

His right hand is Abdul, the procurement manager. He makes sure that every ingredient is ready for the chef to cook delicious foods, for the mechanic to have spare parts and maintenance materials. He has a strong skillset to organize complex operational tasks, like managing the annual dock, the crew, and so on.

Last but not least, the crew. They are definitely the door to The Red Sea. They provide you safety, on the boat and during diving. They cook for you 4 times a day. They drop you off and pick you up by the zodiacs.

They provide a helping hand to get you into your wet suit, even if it fit you better last year, they will get you into that suit. 😄

  • Mohsen Salama the head of operation

    Mohsen Salama

    I have over 20 years of experience in boat building and operations. It is my pleasure to prepare M/Y Adromeda for a nice trip.

  • Éva Tisza, CEO and founder of the company

    Éva Tisza

    I love diving but it is only the second most important word in my vocabulary. The first one is empathy.

    - CEO and Founder -

  • Anita Riberdy sales manager for foreign visitors

    Anita Riberdy

    I enjoy organizing trips around the world. Every time I get contacted by divers, I take a piece of their culture with me.

  • Dóra Lánczi

    Dóra Lánczi

    I like things to be organized, especially in the travel industry. I like things to be done.